Let’s talk about a topic which is not related to hearing damage today, but I believe it is really useful to all the friends.

Sharing earbuds is totally not a big deal right? Wrong!

I believe that every one of us has split earbuds in transit with our best friend. Sometimes, if your friends ask you to borrow a pair of earbuds, I think you will lend them to him without hesitation.

However, lots of research point out that people underestimate the harm of sharing earbuds. From sticky ear wax to infectious bacteria, there are many reasons you shouldn’t share your earbuds anymore. Sharing earbuds is not only gross but also harmful to your health.

A 2008 study in India found that among frequent users of earbuds, bacterial growth was significantly higher in the ears and on the earbuds, compared with people who used the devices infrequently. The study, which involved 50 medical students, suggested that earbud sharing could transfer bacteria to another person. Still, Ms. Sturm says, “that study did not look at infections, just the presence of bacteria—which our bodies are covered in.”

Although wax can help people stop dust and other harmful particles from entering the canal, it’s teeming with live bacteria. Everyone’s ear bacteria is unique, so it can completely bring harm to others.

Sharing earbuds also could lead to ear mites. Ear mites are common seen in animals. These tiny mites live on the surface of the skin and are found in the external ear canal. Think about it, your friend has a fluffy dog and sleeps with this little dog every night. If his dog has ear mites and they crawls into your friend’s ear, it is a good chance that he infects you with these mites when you share your earbuds with him.

Bad earphone hygiene can also cause a lot of serious diseases, such as middle ear infections, fungus and swimmer’s ear.

All in all, consider your health, please don’t share earbuds with others anymore.