According to World Health Organisation (WHO)’s study, researchers found that nearly half people, who aged 12 to 35, were at risk of hearing damage because of loud music, which includes live music concerts or their own personal devices.

Recently, I conducted an online questionnaire survey which aimed to collect data and analyse the headphones using situation of UNSW students. 89 students were surveyed. The following are the results and analysis of this survey.


Only 13.5% of students listen to the music with headphones less than 1 hour per day. In my previous blog, I have indicated that the safe way of using headphones is playing the music at no more than 60 percent of maximum volume for no more than 60 minutes a day. Please follow the 60/60 rule. 


Not surprisingly, the survey showed that most students think they don’t have hearing loss. The low awareness of hearing loss always exists among young people. However, more than half of all the respondents said that they have noticed the bad influences brought by headphones and wanted to protect their hearing. 


More than a third of the respondents have never taken a hearing check before. We may easy to find our vision loss, but a problem with your hearing can often go undetected. For this reason, hearing check is really significant. Additionally, 74.2% students said that it would be great if UNSW can provide hearing check in our campus. 

Hope this survey results can catch your attention on hearing care.