I believe that you get your eyes tested annually. I’m sure that you visit your dentist regularly. However, how often do you get your hearing tested?

Nowadays, people probably will have a regular body check every year, but most of the people underestimate the importance of hearing health to their overall health and well-being.

There is a common misconception that hearing should only be checked when a problem is noticed.  We may easy to find our vision loss, but a problem with your hearing can often go undetected. It is too late when you notice that you have a hearing problem.

Hearing contributes to personal safety, emotional well-being and independence. Through your hearing, you are able to communicate directly with others and experience the sounds in your environment.

Hearing should be checked routinely throughout life. The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals ( recommend the following as guidelines for adults, although your Hearing Care Professional may advise you differently depending on your own individual circumstances.

Age Range                      How often

18 to 45 year olds           Every 5 years

45 to 60 year olds           Every 3 years

60 years plus                   Every 2 years

So, where can I have my hearing check?

Australian Hearing is the nation’s leading hearing specialist and largest provider of Government funded hearing services. They provide free hearing checks at over 490 locations nationwide and the check only takes less than 15 minutes, but it requests an appointment online.

If you want to book a hearing check, you can check the link below.