Are you hearing ringing, roaring, hissing or buzzing in one or both of your ears? Do you find it is difficult to understand speech when you are in noisy places or places with poor acoustics?

If you experiences any of the following symptoms, I strongly recommend you to take a hearing check immediately.


1. Having the TV or radio turned up too loud

You may think this is not a sign of hearing loss. You probably think these symptoms only appear in the elder people. Then my friends, you make yourselves fall in the “traps”.

When your family members complain that you turn the volume too loud, you probably have a hearing problem.

2. Struggling to follow conversations and asking people to repeat themselves.

Do you find that you say ‘What?’ a lot when you have a conversation with others? If ‘What?’ is the most commonly used word in you daily life, you probably have hearing loss.

3. Muffled hearing or difficulty hearing background sound

If you find that people don’t speak clearly or it sounds like you’ve got cotton in your ears. Perhaps, your ears are being covered.

You’re with some friends at the new bistro in town. It’s noisy, just like any busy eatery. And all that background noise makes it difficult to hear the folks at your table. People with hearing loss often have problems masking out background noise.

4.Missing phone calls or the doorbell

Do you often have missed calls or people saying they’ve been outside your door knocking for an extended period of time?

This is common with hearing loss, particularly as you are more likely to have your TV or radio turned up louder than usual.

5. Twisting your neck to hear a sound

Turning your head so that your ear is pointing towards the source of the sound – whether this is someone talking, the TV or anything else, is one of the most blatant signs of deafness.

Directing your ear towards sound is great for hearing it better, but you shouldn’t need to do this and over time this will also become ineffective.

6. Upset when confronted about hearing problems

Like with a lot of thing, the first sign of a problem can be denial.

There’s plenty of help out there if you’re regularly being told by a range of people that you may be going deaf. Book a hearing test and help get yourself sorted as soon as possible.

7. Becoming withdrawn and isolated

Coming to terms with personal deficiencies can be sometimes be tough, leaving you increasingly likely to spend time away from others.

It’s important not to fret, as hearing can be improved the vast majority of the time.